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About the Author

N.E. Lasater / About the Author

N.E. LASATER writes about the courage of everyday people, whether a dyslexic farmer, a middle-aged high school English teacher, or a grief-stricken man who deeply regrets the one damning act he can never take back. Lasater tries to write relatable stories with characters you would recognize in the real world because she believes ordinary life is tough enough and people who face its big challenges are brave. Commitment, sad realization, whole-hearted risk-taking, self-ownership, and love are just some of the valiant acts we commit every day.

A former lawyer, N.E. Lasater has always written, beginning with her first “novel” at age 10. Originally from California, Lasater has lived on a small lake in Virginia since 2006. As a child, she moved frequently and attended twelve schools before graduating from high school at age 16. A phenomenally bad skier and hopelessly inept at sight-singing, Lasater is embarrassingly proud of her two daughters, who are creatives too.