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Farmer’s Son

N.E. Lasater / Farmer’s Son

This is an enlightening and uplifting story. Those of us with learning disabilities will find special meaning but everyone will enjoy the story of Bobby and his family. A thoroughly good read.
Thomas H. Kean
Governor, New Jersey 1982 – 1990
President, Drew University 1990 – 2005
Chairman, 9/11 Commission

As a dyslexic, I know the many challenges of learning to read and write. N.E. Lasater has written a first novel which I believe readers will find captivating. It is especially worth the struggle for a dyslexic, giving us characters and experiences to identify with. N.E. Lasater has a true understanding of the struggles and isolation many feel. I highly recommend Farmer’s Son.
William Gaston Caperton, III
Governor, West Virginia 1989 – 1997
President & CEO, the College Board 1999 – 2012

Dyslexia made certain school subjects difficult for me (reading) and others nearly impossible (math). However, thanks to some great role models, I have learned it also offers many gifts. There are brilliant dyslexics in the world who use the fact that they see the world differently to their advantage. Farmer’s Son may use dyslexia as a backdrop, but its real story is about the universal needs we all share to be free of shame and connected to our families. This is a read everyone will enjoy.

Farmer’s Son is a page turner, full of characters you come to care and hope for. It is a story of family pride and family secrets; of cruelty and fear, love and redemption. It traces three generations of the McAllister family and the awful cost of the myriad ways we find to misunderstand each other. You will think about this book, and Garrett, Daniel and Bobby, long after you’ve finished it. . . This one is a winner.
Robert Bausch
Winner, John Dos Passos Prize in Literature

A great read. . . If I could have changed but one thing growing up, it would have been to understand why reading and spelling were so hard.
Bill Samuels, Jr.
President & CEO (1975-2011) Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Farmer’s Son reminds us that dyslexia affects people and relationships, not just test scores and classrooms. Everyone who is considered “different” will appreciate the challenges faced by the McAllister family in this saga of generations so weighed down by perceived weaknesses they are unable to appreciate and celebrate their very real strengths.
Paul Orfalea
Founder of Kinko’s

What do you do when you can’t read?

It’s 1971 and nobody knows what’s wrong with you. So how do you answer when your father calls you his defective son?

Bobby McAllister doesn’t know it, but his dyslexia isn’t the only secret his family keeps. And it’s not the only truth he himself will hide when he too becomes a farmer and fathers his own sons, passing on to them a lethal shame that will suddenly and tragically claim a cherished life.

Words cannot begin to describe how important this novel is to me both personally and professionally.  With my being a “Bobby” and also leading a specialized school for “Bobbys,” Farmer’s Son has made my short list of MUST READS!  I read this brilliant book in two days.  I couldn’t put it down!
Janet George, M.S., M.ED., F/AOGPE
Founder and Headmaster, Fortune Academy – Indianapolis, IN

Dyslexia is a debilitating disorder affecting too many of our friends and neighbors and people from all walks of life, yet it does not receive nearly the attention it deserves. I hope that this compelling novel will not only help lift the stigma that is sometimes associated with this lifelong reading disability, but also serve as a source of inspiration for those with dyslexia to assure them there are others like them who are triumphing over the struggles they face.
Representative Gerald E. Connolly (VA 11th)
United States Congress

N.E. Lasater’s candid view of a family impacted by dyslexia will hit home to anyone who has felt misunderstood, embarrassed or ashamed of themselves because of their struggles with the written word. Farmer’s Son is a powerful example of the incredible, lasting impact families have on children with learning differences.
Ben Shifrin
Head, Jemicy School in Owings Mills, MD
Vice President, the International Dyslexia Association

N.E. Lasater has created a fantastic novel that grabs the reader in the first chapter. This wonderful story describes what it is like to be dyslexic and the amazing ways dyslexics overcome their challenges. Thank you for this outstanding work.
Peter G. Ruppert
CEO, Fusion Education Group and Fusion Academies
California, New York, New Jersey and Texas

Wow. An adult book for dyslexics. Thank you. N.E. Lasater is an excellent writer and this is a wonderful book.
Victor Villaseñor
5-Time Bestselling Author
3-Time Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Farmer’s Son deftly describes the multi-generational impact dyslexia has on children and families. Through rich, descriptive character development, N.E. Lasater accurately captures the emotional and self-esteem issues that have a profound effect on children and adults with learning disabilities. Too often incredibly talented individuals are shamed because their minds work in different but wonderful ways.
Casey Crnich, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Hyde Park Day School at the University of Chicago

Growing up with dyslexia made life difficult, forcing me to think and work in ways different from those around me. Yet despite, or perhaps because of this, it didn’t prevent me from achieving my dream of becoming a scientist and working for the US space program. Everyone with dyslexia needs to read this book and realize like the protagonist Bobby they can ultimately reach for their own star.
Simon J. Clemett, PhD.
Astromaterials and Exploration Science Directorate
NASA Johnson Space Center

Farmer’s Son by N.E. Lasater is a powerful story. So many people suffer from dyslexia and other learning difficulties and this book is for them. But it’s also for those who don’t suffer, who cannot comprehend the daily fear of living with something that so many see as abnormal. They cannot comprehend the hurt that they cause because they don’t understand. This is one novel that was truly written from the heart. Farmer’s Son is a real page turner, one of those stories that you have to read to the bitter, tragic ending before you can fully comprehend the impact it has, not just on one life, but on many.

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