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Paying It Forward — Free Book Offer

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Paying It Forward — Free Book Offer

I am deeply grateful for the continuing heartfelt response from the dyslexia community to my debut novel, Farmer’s Son. Copies have sold around the world.

I would like to humbly give back.

So, if you are a public or private school with teenage students who are reading-challenged, or a tutoring outfit, or a camp, after-school organization, church, library, charity or other group that serves these very deserving but underserved young people, write to me on my contact page and I will supply free copies of Farmer’s Son at my cost, including postage.

And, if you are a teenager with reading challenges, write me 100 words on why you would like a copy.

Why am I doing this? Because in Indiana a dyslexic teenager told me that Farmer’s Son had changed his life. He suddenly stood up in English class when he learned who I was on my visit, and he put his hand on his heart to tell me with tears in his eyes that he didn’t read, he never reads, but he had read my book, the first one he had ever read all the way through. He said it was about him. He told me he was Bobby.

So many men and boys have told me that they are Bobby McAllister. Each of you is an inspiration.

Just please pass the book along once you’ve finished it.  Give it to someone you think would also be encouraged by reading it.

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N. E. Lasater

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